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Here's A Summarization Of Your Services
Including A Detailed Description Of Each Of Your Tools And Features


From our inception, our vision was to streamline the marketing process for individuals who make their living online or simply supplement their income. By creating a custom solution that draws it's strength from the power of double opt-in marketing our group has been able to develop a following of satisfied customers who enjoy using our products. From Australia to Zimbabwe, we can, and have, provided the advertising of choice for individuals who value their time and recognize true value.

Because of our proprietary software and our contacts within other companies, primarily companies that make operating systems, browsers and email service providers, we are able to create features that other companies can't. Some of you may remember the Un-Blockable Pop-Up that was created back in 2019 and is still use it today, it was created that with the help of one of our contacts that works for one of those companies. We are constantly working to create innovative products and services for our clients.

Here is a a list of all the services provided to the Gold Members. The Silver Members receive the same services, excluding the Ad-Chain and the Float-Up Ads feature. If you require anymore information on a tool or feature we encurage you to try it out on the demonstration or to contact a Client Services Specialist through our Contact form.

The Ad-Chain

The Ad-Chain Submitter automates a large portion of your day to day email marketing. This is not a common auto-submitter that runs the same ad over and over every hour throughout the day. Simply write six ads and pick the features you want to use and the times you want to send each ad and the system does the rest for you.

You can select two features per ad and send an Ad-Chain ad every six hours, so four Ad-Chains could be ran each day totaling twenty-four different ads sent to people all around the world when they are actually in front of their computer. You can choose from these features for your ads:

1) Float-Up Ads
2) Voice-Clips (Can't be used with Fireworks)
3) Targeted Leads
4) Fireworks
5) Eye Catching Icons

When you are finished with your Ad-Chain you will be issued an 8-digit code. Write the code down in a safe place with a detailed description of the ad for future use. The 8-digit code is good for 90 days. There is a spot on the right side of the page called General Submission Questions to enter your code.

When you're writing your ad, you can personalize it so the reader gets the impression that you are speaking to them. You can use these dynamic tags:

To address the reader by their first name, use this tag: {fname}
To address the reader by their last name, use this tag: {lname}
To use the reader's suffix (Mr. or Ms.) use this tag: {suffix}
To use the readers full name, use this tag: {name}

You'll also be shown a clock so you can record the time you sent this Ad-Chain, because you have to wait 6 hours before you can send another one. All of your ads are hand submitted, meaning an actual human looks at your ad and makes sure it's put together properly and guarantees it gets delivered to your specifications.

The Search Engine & Directory Submitter

We have listed 100 search engines and directories and each of them is a link that will open in a new tab so if, for some reason, you want to submit to them one by one on your own you can or you can scroll down to the form, check the box to select all 100 search engines and direcrories and we'll handle the submission for you. It is recommended that you do not submit the same site more than once every seven days to avoid being delisted.

The Modified Ezine Submitter

A backlink is any hyperlink on a website that points back to your website. It is a form of citation, in which someone talking about a topic related to you, your service, or your product wishes to refer to your website. Backlinks are one of many metrics used by Google to measure the value of a page.

We digitally disguise your ad to appear to be an article and then we have it published in ezines and ezine directories around the world. Yes, some may say it's a bit dastardly but if you keep at it your backlinks could explode into the thousands very quickly.

The Classified Ad Submitter

Our Classified Ad Submitter offers a wide range of catagories, over 90 of them, for selling new or used items in every major city in the world so that you can reach millions of buyers to sell your products and services. We're dedicated to making online classifieds simple.

Our customers feel absolutely at ease when they post ads and we have made the entire process comprehensive. We are reliable, responsible and invested in the best innovative technology to make your classified ads easy.

The Proprietary Lead Leveler Software

One feature that is very important to you and to us, but rarely gets mentioned, is the Lead Leveler. The Lead Leveler is a special piece of software we built that replaces leads in the databases in real-time so there's always fresh leads to send to. For example, if Julie submits an ad and it goes out to 350,000 people and 52,000 of those people unsubscribe, our Lead Leveler will detect that and then replace the 52,000 unsubscribes with 52,000 fresh new leads from the cache of leads acquired using the monthly maintenance fee paid by the member for using the submitters. Putting all the right pieces together like this ensures a quality submission for everyone. This is another way we're able to provide you with Five Star Services.

The Float-Up Ad Feature

The Float-Up Ad feature is very complicated but the basics are that no matter when you place your ad, it will "float-up" to be the first email in the reader's inbox when they open their mail. There is a screenshot in the Demonstration Area.

The Colorful Fireworks Feature

The Fireworks go Pop! Pop! and show several bursts of color. The effect is in and out in under 3 seconds, so it's impressive but not intrusiive. There are 2 screenshot in the Demonstration Area to show you what they look like in GMail and Outlook.

The Eye Catching Icons Feature

Icons are a great eye catcher, we've found that using them occassionally works well for us. That's why we're providing them to you to use. Using icons is super easy, drag over it with your cursor and when it turns blue just copy and paste either with your right mouse button or with your keyboard by holding down CTRL+C for copy or CTRL+V for paste. There are Icons in the Demonstration Area.

The Voice-Clips Feature

Each of the different Voice-Clips will Auto-Start when your potential customer opens your email. Each of the Voice-Clips is very professional and we're currently developing a way for our Members to create and upload their own Voice-Clips. There is a limit of one Voice-Clip per ad. There are Voice-Clips in the Demonstration Area.

The Targeted Categories

There are over 50 targeted categories for you to send your ads to. There's specialized niche's like Business to Consumer or Business to Business or Working From Home or Social Medial or MLM or List Building and then there are more non niche' categories. We feel our large variety will make it easy for you to find what you're looking for. You can select 6 categories per submission.

The AdBoost Code Box

For your convenience we are including an AdBoost Code Box. AdBoost Codes will increase the performance of the submitters. For example, if you have the right AdBoost Code or several AdBoost Codes you could easily double or even triple your submission output which would increase your sending capability massively. From the AdBoost website, located here, they are offering several basic ways to earn AdBoost Codes, like reading some material or answering a questionaire.

The Speedy Submitter

The name says it all, it's speedy! Write your subject line, put in your URL, paste in your ad, pick a few features, and hit send. You don't even have to wait for one of those slow timers, just click the button and you're returned to the Member's area to continue your work. Your ad is hand submitted by a live person, the whole process takes under fifteen minutes, usually much less.


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