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Hi. We have something GIANT to share with you.

There's five of us internet marketing companies that came together to make The Five Star Services Group. We'd been saying for a long time that we needed change in the industry, and we needed a way to shake things up a bit and we've done that with new tools and features like you've never seen. Features that are going to bend your mind & Tools that'll blow your socks off.

You could drop it all right now and go play with the demo and get way more from that then we'll ever be able to describe with mere words. Or you can read what we've prepared for you below, but in the end we hope you take the time to view our demo, it's nearly an exact duplicate of our Gold Member's Area and without taking the time to look at it you would not be able to appreciate the greatness of what we're offering you. It's time to get professional now.

In today's overstimulated digital environment, earning attention is harder than ever. Our email marketing platform is becoming the choice for marketers looking for an easy to use, yet powerful system with features that can't be found anywhere else in the world and proprietary tools that are years ahead of other email submission companies. We are a service provider that truly believes in providing a great customer experience. So, if you’re looking for great submission technology and superior quality leads coupled with great service, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer mailing and submission services primarily to people that work from home, do affiliate marketing, or own a small business on a tight budget. Our private group of online marketing companies have been online for decades. Our customers have inspired us to embrace these changes.


Some of the amazing tools and features our Member's utilize in their marketing are items like our Ad-Chain, you write 6 ads and each ad gets 2 features, features like our innovative Float-Up ad feature where no matter when you send your ad it's always the 1st ad in their inbox when they open their mail, or our fireworks feature that goes pop pop and sets off a colorful display of fireworks that fade in and out in under 3 seconds, or how about a professional Voice-Clip that invisibly plays when they open their mail. There's a lot more features and when you get the ad written and the features selected you pick the times each ad can will delivered and in which time zone. It's easy, but we still recommend you visit the demonstration. There's samples, there's screenshots, there's working submitters, the Ad-Chain is fully functional. There's also an Ezine Submitter, a Search Engine Submitter, a Classified Ad Submitter, and there is a Double Opt-In Email Submitter with a Special feature.



So, that our presentation. The arrow on the right will take you back up. Try out the demo & then check out our packages.

Remember, Don't Think Big. Think Giant!